Kelly and Daniel didn’t actually schedule a full-blown engagement session with us, but they did want Matt and I to scope out their ceremony and reception locations in Sedona before the actual wedding. We decided that since we were already meeting them down there to observe the light and location, why not take a few photos and do a mini-engagement session while we were at it? Matt and I made a day of it. We woke up that day and headed down to Sedona to do some hiking and exploring. After that, we grabbed some lunch and then met Kelly and Daniel at their wedding reception location in Sedona. After a quick chat about how the day was going to go, we took about 15 minutes worth of photos and then shared a glass of champagne. It was such a great excuse to get outside in Sedona and spend time together.

You’ll be seeing Kelly and Daniel again soon on the blog as their wedding is just a little over a week away. Can’t wait, you guys!