They met casually over a game of darts at a bar in downtown Flagstaff. He gave her his number, but she wasn’t in a dating place. A few weeks later, they met again at the same bar but she didn’t recognize him. They flirted through glances across the room and just as he was about to leave, he shot her an adorable wink. She followed him to try and spark up a conversation but as soon as she got outside, he was gone. To her complete surprise, she spotted him again at a lecture for her company’s pre-season training. She couldn’t believe it; they were both Grand Canyon river guides working for the same company!

They finally came face-to-face and she asked him, “You look familiar; do I know you?” She secretly knew he was the guy she flirted with at the bar, but she hadn’t realized he was the guy who gave her his number until he responded and said, “I gave you my card, and you never called me.”

The rest is history.

I met Holly when I worked with her part-time at a local company in Flagstaff about 6 years ago. She and I instantly became friends and have remained friends since then. It makes me so happy to know that her and Sean will be getting married this Fall. It’s always a treat to watch your friend meet someone and watch them fall in love. I’m beyond honored that I will be photographing their wedding in just a few short months.

Their Flagstaff Engagement Session was a cold and windy day. We were hoping the San Francisco Peaks would make an appearance for some of their images, but it was too overcast, unfortunately. Oh well, we made it work with what we had and lucky, Holly and Sean are so adorable – it didn’t even matter.

Congrats you two! Have an awesome river season this year, and we’ll be seeing you soon! Love to you both!