The engagement session we had for Christy and Jon has probably been one of the more fun ones we’ve shot. And it’s one of those shoots we didn’t expect to be thrilled about. Not because of the fabulous couple – but because we had a really late event the night before and had to wake up at 5 the next morning to drive to the Grand Canyon for their session. Matt and I are notorious for not being morning people, so this was quite a feat for us. We’ve grown up, ladies and gents!

But then we showed up and the lighting was perfect, it was a nice, crisp morning and Jon and Christy were absolutely delightful to be around. They’re the kind of couple who is always laughing and always getting up to some adventure together. They came out from Arkansas to run a marathon together, travel some of Arizona and get engaged! So, I didn’t get to meet the cute couple prior to the session officially, but Matt and I were blown away at how sweet and personable both Jon and Christy were. Just make me think today – I wish they lived closer!

Congrats, you lovelies! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos. I know they’ll be beautiful. 🙂

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