Hello, I’m Michelle Kay!

I’m currently living humbly amid the mountains in Flagstaff, Arizona with my hot husband, our blue-eyed daughters, and our three dogs.

I started MK Studios with big dreams to tell other people’s stories through the power of images.¬†After a few months, I realized I needed another photographer to help capture those once-in-a-lifetime images at weddings. So, I shoved a camera in my husband’s hands and taught him to shoot along side me. Now he manages the backend of our business (meaning our girls and their crazy happenings) while I’m out shooting.

I believe in marriage equality and am so happy to live in a state that does too!

All in all, I feel so blessed to do what I love while helping others. I’m a small town girl at heart but we’ve been so lucky to shoot weddings all over Arizona including Phoenix, Tucson and Sedona. We’ve also had some amazing clients hire us to shoot their destination weddings out-of-state including: California, Colorado, Florida and Montana.

If you’re interested in finding out more about me or seeing more of our work, click here.